Managing Director's review for 2020

2020 was an exceptional year in many ways. Adapting our activities to the changes caused by the pandemic naturally took a great deal of effort and we even managed well under the circumstances. We achieved the goals we set for 2020 and were able to provide service to our customers with the highest standard of quality and cost-effectively. The LUMI supercomputer equipment tendering process for the EuroHPC project exceeded expectations, which is why one of the most efficient data and computing environments in the world will be installed in CSC's Kajaani data center. Several development projects were launched in Finland and international activities continued to grow. The exceptional pandemic year was a successful one for CSC, and we believe that we are well prepared for the new normal that will come after the pandemic.

During the past year, the rest of the national data management and computing development project (DL2021) was implemented, which is used by both higher education institutions and research institutes. The project involves a significant investment in competence development, which will help in putting the equipment to use as effectively as possible. Research groups have access to not only internationally competitive capacity, but also expert support for data management and method and software development. In the future, DL capacity will be complemented by the EuroHPC project LUMI system, with approximately 25% of its computing resources reserved for Finnish research, development and innovation activities.

In addition to research services - such as computing, data and software - CSC's operations also developed in other areas. Digital teaching and learning services, higher education institution data collection, data resources and projects related to the utilization of digitalization are examples of growth areas. The management of sensitive data and related services increased. Central government, education and higher education information management were increasingly active customer groups, and service activities in these sectors will continue to grow. The use of CSC services by research institutes increased significantly last year. The number of personnel continued to increase, reaching 460 at the end of 2020.

In addition to the EuroHPC project, the volume of other EU activities and the related project portfolio increased during 2020. CSC has also developed its role in international competition and its ability to influence decision-making, thanks to the LUMI project and the active participation of our experts. This will enable us to provide Finnish research with better resources and opportunities for cooperation in the international operating environment.

CSC's operations are based on the values of our company: Together we can and care – responsibly. The aim is not only CSC's success in achieving its goals, but above all, Finland's success internationally and our customers' success. This will further enhance Finnish competitiveness and create better operating conditions. CSC's expert personnel, who are constantly learning new things, play a key role in achieving these goals.

Kimmo Koski

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