Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) is a cluster that brings together top researchers and actors from industry and the public sector to solve real-life problems using both existing AI expertise and entirely new AI methods.

FCAI is one of the flagships designated by the Academy of Finland and a key player in the implementation of Finland’s AI programme aimed at reforming industry, health care and working life and introducing research-based innovations.

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Business Finland

Business Finland is a public body whose business services cover areas such as innovation funding and internationalisation.

Business Finland helps its business customers grow and succeed at the global level, develop future solutions, and boldly reshape their business. It aims to promote cooperation between companies and research groups so that new openings can develop into international business ecosystems. The overall objective is to make Finland the world’s most attractive and competitive innovation environment and the most attractive location for both investment and tourism.

Business Finland is part of the Team Finland network.

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DIMECC is an open collaboration platform that enables the technological and commercial renewal and growth of companies. DIMECC enables the collaborative innovation that is needed for sharing out the risks, benefits and costs of creating new business activities. The company’s customers create new methods and tools for developing future business activities, using the services provided to multiply the resources and expertise they have at their disposal.

DIMECC is owned by manufacturing and technology companies and research organisations. It was established in 2008 to assist companies with strategic research and the development of new technologies. Since 2016, promoting and utilising digitalisation and creating new business activities have been key themes.

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TIVIA is a national and independent collaboration organisation for associations operating in the IT sector. Its activities include research, training and information provision.

The aim of TIVIA is to raise awareness of Finnish IT expertise and to provide its members with opportunities for competence development, networking, presenting their services, interacting extensively with top experts and building international contacts. TIVIA represents Finland in the international IT organisations IFIP and CEPIS.

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