CSC participates in Heureka's AI events

CSC participates in Heureka's AI events

CSC participates in the new main exhibition, "Artificial Intelligence - Me, myself and AI," and its accompanying events at Heureka Science Centre. The exhibition focuses on the foundations of AI development, the interaction between humans and AI-driven robots, and the societal dimensions of AI development.

CSC is present at the main exhibition with a LUMI supercomputer demonstration and at the accompanying events: the teachers' evening on 22 September and the family event on 24 September. 

On 22 September, from 16 to 20, the AI Teachers' Evening will start with CSC experts' presentations and demonstrations, including ready-to-use teaching materials. Aino Ropponen from CSC will give a short lecture on the many facets of AI. Markus Koskela and Mats Sjöberg, also from CSC, will provide a posture modelling demonstration on how to teach a computer to recognise human postures using educational data and the Teachable Machine service.

For more information on the Heureka Teachers' Evening.

The event for the whole family, the Intelligent Machine, will take place on 24 September from 10:00 to 18:00. The event will showcase AI and its potential. The event includes coding, programming, and learning how to use AI. There will be various activities for the little ones in the family and the bigger ones at the CSC demonstration booth. We will find out where the AI is hiding, draw, do word puzzles and quizzes, and try to teach the AI to recognise positions and see if we can tangle it. PRACE - Shooting stars is a mobile game that lets us explore space exploration with supercomputers.

For more information on the Intelligent Machine event.

Both events will take place at the Heureka Science Centre. Welcome to visit, and see you at Heureka!

Artificial Intelligence – Me, Myself & AI