null Elmer FEM webinar series starting

Elmer FEM webinar series starting

The free series of Elmer FEM webinars is starting at CSC and the series lasts the whole spring. At the first section, starting in March, lecturers Peter Råback and Thomas Zwinger from CSC will present some of the basics of the software. Following webinars will present the unique perspective of the webinar users and developers. Also, tools that utilize Elmer (EOF library and pyelmer) will be presented by their authors. The webinars are themed:

Introduction to Elmer & How to teach yourself Elmer, Overview of capabilities of Elmer - where to go from here? Parallel Computing with Elmer

Elmer-OpenFOAM library, Electrical circuits with Elmer, Solvers for solid mechanics - Recent progress, Induction Machine Open-source FEA Computations comparison with Measurement and Commercial FEA, Pyelmer - Python interface for Elmer workflow

Industrial applications-oriented, microwave modeling in Elmer

The general lectures at the start are planned so that they can also support the self-learning of Elmer. The language used in the webinars is english. Read more and register to the webinars.

Elmer in a nutshell

Elmer is an open source multiphysical simulation software developed mostly in CSC. It is used to simulate flows, heat transfer, elasticity, electromagnetics and acoustics. Elmer/Ice is a software add-on which has been used to simulate continental glaciers and ice currents. The international use of Elmer has increased strongly in recent years.