null Feedback on the proposal for a regulation establishing the Digital Europe programme

Feedback on the proposal for a regulation establishing the Digital Europe programme

CSC feedback on the legislative proposal for a regulation on the Digital Europe programme 20212027 (08.08.2018)

  • CSC recognises the ambition of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) to increase and maximise the benefits of the digital transformation for all European citizens, public administrations and businesses.
  • The process of developing the DEP has not been transparent or inclusive enough, with very little consultation from stakeholders.
  • The key objective of DEP should be to build trust and collaboration between the different stakeholders, to make efficient use of existing work and to aim for interoperability and synergies, avoiding a siloed approach.
  • The coordination between DEP and Horizon Europe, especially in the HPC area should be developed further, especially the potential synergies.
  • The interoperability of infrastructures in the different sectors (public-industry-research) should be addressed, as well as interoperability of data across all the infrastructures. The alignment with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is positive but should be elaborated and widened to apply to all European data infrastructures.
  • Existing initiatives such as the DSM and the Data Economy must be taken into account to ensure there are no incoherencies - especially as data is a key element in digitalisation.
  • The performance indicators for the five specific objectives are very much focused on quantity. In the HPC area, focus seems to be on numbers of machines, rather  than what we aim to get out of the machines. In the digital skills area, more discipline-specific and quality-oriented indicators are needed.
  • It is difficult to understand the full role and responsibility of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). How will the DIH in practice attract for instance companies?

Read the full text feedback here (pdf)