null Statement on Government's Proposal for Genome Law

Statement on Government's Proposal for Genome Law

  • CSC supports the preparation of the genome law and the founding of the genome center. Since administration of genome information is such a vast and complex issue, CSC sees that global co-operation between experts and states is indispensable.
  • The Government's proposal suggests that the genome center would be run by National Institute for Health and Welfare under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and it would maintain the genome register. CSC is mentioned in the proposal as one of the possible actors for providing the operating services of genome information.
  • CSC supports the suggestion to build the genome center on existing expertise, materials and organizations. This way the center will be like an ecosystem of genome information.
  • However, CSC emphasizes the need for excellent ICT-competences and connections to other genome centers abroad when deciding on the responsible actors for the operating services.
  • CSC sees that the up-coming law has to streamline processing of genome information in a way that fosters both national and international research and innovation activities. Along with the primary use of genome information for clinical purposes, the secondary use of it in a pseudonymized form has to be possible, too.  
  • CSC recognizes the need to solve how genome information can be transferred to a high-performance computing platform.