null Statement on the government's draft education policy report

Statement on the government's draft education policy report

In CSC's view, the draft report pays due attention to the impact of digitalisation on the education sector. However, the topic should be approached in a more comprehensive way to avoid creating silos and interoperability problems. In addition to setting objectives and actions for each level of education, there should also be general digitalisation policies that cut across the levels of education and support the creation of an architecture for continuous learning.

CSC suggests that the report should also touch upon hybrid forms of learning, open learning resources and open science as well as developing scientific thinking and methodological understanding. Objectives related to continuous learning must be brought in line with those outlined in the report of the parliamentary reform of continuous learning, especially the planned digital services for continuous learning.

When it comes to digital pedagogy, it is important to not treat digitalisation as an isolated technical phenomenon but to address it with a strong pedagogical approach and according to the same principles and objectives as education and training in general. CSC also reminds that it is important to evaluate carefully the impact of the digital leap taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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