null Statement on the requirements for secure platforms of other services providers

CSC supports the requirements for secure platforms of other service providers but emphasises the needs of research and innovation actors when defining the security requirements for Findata. In addition to national actors, also international research cooperation must be taken into account.

CSC stresses that Finnish social and health sector data sets are unique and making them available for research purposes has enormous potential in developing medicine and innovation activities. From research's perspective, terms of use for data sets in other platforms than Findata are so strict that using the data sets elsewhere is very difficult and expensive. This makes it difficult, even impossible, to bring data sets into environments that are meant for data intensive research.

It is of utmost importance that investments in state-of-the-art research infrastructures and capabilities in the management of sensitive data can be utilised to their full potential. Effective computing capacity and data management environments are especially needed when developing new medicines or treatments for rare diseases. It would benefit the whole Finnish society that data sets of social and health care sector could be used in an appropriate platform, also in other platforms than Findata environment when needed.

Read the whole statement here (in Finnish).