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High-Performance Digitisation - giving a boost to the description of digital data

In the High-Performance Digitisation project, CSC, the National Archives and the National Library of Finland are jointly tackling the challenge of artificial intelligence and data processing. The purpose of the project is to create a service for memory organizations facilitating the processing of data: absence or inadequacy of metadata and poor search functions make digital material more difficult to use.

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LUMI provides new opportunities for artificial intelligence research

Researcher Kimmo Kartasalo from Tampere University is very familiar with the requirements of artificial intelligence applications. Kartasalo believes that LUMI supercomputer and its huge computing capacity will open up a lot of different research opportunities, for example, in research utilizing AI.

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Faster method to read quantum memory

To extract any useful information, the method that reads information from qubits must take the least amount of time as possible, allowing as few errors as possible. Joni Ikonen, a PhD student at Aalto University, has developed a faster method to to read quantum memory.

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CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteet: Suomi tekoälyn edelläkävijäksi

CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteista käsitellään tällä viikolla datastrategiaa ja tekoälyä.

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Kvanttifyysikot onnistuivat energian häviöiden ja siirtymien hallinnassa

Aalto-yliopiston ja Oulun yliopiston tutkijoiden kehittämä kvanttipiirijäähdytin mahdollistaa energian häviöiden hallinnan kvanttilaitteissa. Tätä tarvitaan tulevaisuuden kvanttitietokoneiden rakentamisessa.

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