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CSC in the European EUDAT

The EUDAT membership allows CSC to offer its customers high quality data services based on EUDAT technology. EUDAT's B2 product family helps researchers manage their research data. For service providers, the EUDAT consortium enables the sharing of work between different centers.

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Tailored EUDAT data services: use cases

Tailored EUDAT data services are designed to provide additional options to the common data services provided by CSC, while promoting good data management practices. In this blog, we will go through three examples of customized data services.

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Have you rolled the DICE?

DICE offers “something for everyone”, from individual scientist all the way up to the most demanding scientific research projects. The offering includes services ranging personal cloud storage for individuals and small teams to sophisticated services for projects, organisations and research infrastructures. The core of the service offering is the EUDAT service portfolio complemented with additional state-of-the-art services.

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Customisable EUDAT services as part of CSC's service portfolio

CSC offers a comprehensive range of data management services to help customers take care of their valuable data. Today, CSC offers EUDAT data services as part of its own service portfolio. EUDAT is a European consortium with its roots in EU projects led by CSC.

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Research with sensitive data requires high legal, ethical and security standards

Modern medical science has been able to improve human health tremendously during the last decades. Many diseases are much better understood than before leading to better treatments and more effective drugs.

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