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Open course on supercomputers

Major scientific, technological and industrial breakthroughs require increasingly sophisticated and advanced tools. One of the most important research tools today is a supercomputer. In order to raise awareness of supercomputers and the benefits of high-performance computing, CSC and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences jointly created an open online course called Elements of Supercomputing.

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Customisable EUDAT services as part of CSC's service portfolio

CSC offers a comprehensive range of data management services to help customers take care of their valuable data. Today, CSC offers EUDAT data services as part of its own service portfolio. EUDAT is a European consortium with its roots in EU projects led by CSC.

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Language Bank, language technology and donated speech

In the future, we can expect a lot from this combination: there will be a large amount of high-quality speech data and heavy computing by supercomputers available for university researchers, research institutes and businesses, and it will be easier to implement various joint projects.

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At the start of a quantum leap

Quantum computers are a focus of attention right now, and for good reason: now we know that they work! It has been said that quantum computers have now evolved from a physicist’s dream to an engineer's nightmare.

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Keskustelua avoimen tieteen koordinoinnista

Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta otti vastuun avoimen tieteen disseminaatiosta ja koordinoinnista ja rakentaa tästä pysyvää toimintaa. TSV aloitti koordinaatiotyönsä neljällä suunnittelutilaisuudella.

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Kamppailu avoimen julkaisemisen puolesta jatkuu

Kävin ensimmäiset keskusteluni avoimesta julkaisemisesta nuorena tutkijana 90-luvun lopussa Tampereen yliopiston alakuppilassa. Keskustelua on käyty jo kauan ja kamppailu avoimen julkaisemisen puolesta jatkuu yhä.

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