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Omikron-aallon huippu lähestyy - mitä SARS2-CoV -viruksesta tiedetään molekyylibiologian tasolla?

Koronapandemia on piinannut maailmaa jo kahden vuoden ajan. Tämän ja tulevien pandemioiden ehkäisyssä, hoidossa ja hallinnassa on syytä kerätä ja tutkia virusten molekyylibiologian tason dataa.

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The metagenome of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree became common in Finland during the 19th century in estate homes. It is usually kept inside and is a decorated wild spruce (Picea). Along with the spruce, millions of wrappers, campers, glaciers, mites and spiders are carried home from nature. Spruce smells as it evaporates resinous organic substances such as phenols and other polyaromatic hydrocarbons. They can cause allergies, but bugs are essentially no harm. Are they actually useful?

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Tackling coronavirus with scientific databases

Coronavirus can be overcome through international cooperation and sharing of data, and electronic research infrastructures can help with this. They include hardware, information networks, databases and services that together make up a network of global information exchange. Finland is a member of these infrastructures and the benefits are undeniable.

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Corona tsunami

When researchers are developing a vaccine against coronavirus, they use open biological databases and data-intensive computing. CSC is a partner in this effort. It has opened a priority lane facilitating coronavirus research and provides access to supercomputing and management of data across national borders (European Data Space, Digital Europe).

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