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Molecular Dynamics, the most used method in CSC's environment

Molecular dynamics is one of the most used simulation techniques on CSC supercomputers. Typically, each atom is modelled separately to build molecules or materials – the physical system that the researcher is interested in – and then physics is set in motion to see what happens.

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Schrödinger molecular modeling platform is available for all university researchers

Starting January 1st, 2020, Schrödinger’s Maestro GUI, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, and Materials Science software applications are available for free for all academic users in Finland.

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Spring School in Computational Chemistry - crash course to main methods and international networking

The foundations of the Spring School on Computational Chemistry - the introductory lectures and hands-on exercises of molecular dynamics and electronic structure theory - have been consistently liked and found useful and have been included with small improvements.

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Computational Chemistry Days 2018 - connecting chemists and materials scientists in Finland and beyond

The Computational Chemistry Days 2018 were organised by the University of Helsinki on 28th–29th May. This year the emphasis was on computational method development, including machine-learning techniques.

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Spring School in Computational Chemistry 2018

The Spring School gathered again a full house of researchers from nine different countries representing 17 different nationalities (!) and a wide range of different research interests. These included materials science, drug discovery, geology, machine learning, and mathematics while some participants’ main focus was in experimental methods.

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