The CSC Kajaani data center

Our data center has been constructed in the Renforsin Ranta business area at the premises of an old paper mill. From the beginning, our goal was to establish in Kajaani one of the world's most eco-efficient data centers. The Kajaani data center is highly adaptable for hardware installations, extensions and other potential infrastructures, and the area is ideal for creating data center ecosystems.

CSC has been operating in Kajaani for nearly a decade. The long-prepared first data center construction project for national supercomputers was completed in October 2012. The new LUMI supercomputer data center was completed in 2021.

The construction of a data center at the premises of an existing paper mill is more ecological than the construction of a new hall from scratch. The electricity distribution infrastructure built for heavy industry ensures an adequate, reliable and expandable supply of electricity. Renforsin Ranta is connected to the national electricity network and is highly reliable and cost-effective. Thanks to the stable connections and a number of renewable energy sources, the possibility of a power outage is very small.

The Kajaani data center is therefore highly adaptable for large-scale hardware installations and extensions and for other potential infrastructures. The reliable and fast data communications networks of the data center are also designed for high-performance computing.

The carbon footprint of the data center has been minimized. The geographical location of Kajaani provides good conditions for cooling the servers with outdoor air, and the electricity required can primarily be produced with certified hydroelectric power.

In addition to a world-class research environment, the Kajaani region has developed an ecosystem of different actors involved in developing education, business activities and new expertise.

As proof of their exceptional reliability, CSC's Kajaani data centers have received the international ISO/IEC 27001 certification.


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