Customer orientation in forming CSC's strategy

The cornerstone of CSC's strategy is an ownership strategy drawn up by an advisory board consisting of owners and customers, i.e. the Finnish state and higher education institutions. The ownership strategy crystallizes what the owners expect from CSC. The company strategy is a tool for implementing the ownership strategy. It is drafted by the CSC Board of Directors and Executive Management. It describes CSC's views and sets goals and measures based on customer orientation.

The customer orientation of CSC's strategy is ensured by means of inclusive forms of work, which produce a wealth of information on customer needs and expectations. In addition to customer meetings and other daily customer work, network meetings, online brainstorming sessions and customer surveys are used to discuss strategy with customers. The customer's own strategies and roadmaps are also important sources of information for CSC, as they provide an understanding of how customers interpret the drivers of change in the operating environment and the opportunities associated with them as well as describe the customer's goals (e.g. the Roadmap for the digitalization of higher education and research ( Figure 1 shows how different actors are involved in forming the CSC strategy.

Figure 1. The roles of customers, the Advisory Board, Board of Directors and Executive Management in CSC strategy work.

At the spring strategy seminar, CSC's Board of Directors and Executive Management assess macro-phenomena affecting the company sector and the forces of change in the field of operations. Based on discussions held, the Board of Directors sets guidelines, which serve as the basis for drafting the CSC strategy by both Executive Management and the Board. The strategic intent of the owners, which is needed as a basis for the work being done, is examined at the Advisory Board meetings twice a year. The customer consultation included in the strategy process will be done in the fourth quarter of the year, at which time the customer and network meetings will also collect information on customer expectations received throughout the year. Key customers and management-level customer networks are asked to make separate statements every two years to serve as input for CSC's strategy work. Figure 2 describes CSC's customer-steered strategy process.

Figure 2. CSC's customer-steered strategy process.