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High-Performance Digitisation - giving a boost to the description of digital data

In the High-Performance Digitisation project, CSC, the National Archives and the National Library of Finland are jointly tackling the challenge of artificial intelligence and data processing. The purpose of the project is to create a service for memory organizations facilitating the processing of data: absence or inadequacy of metadata and poor search functions make digital material more difficult to use.

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Seeking to understand language by learning from translations

MultiMT, one of CSC's Puhti supercomputer pilot projects, uses deep learning and neural machine translation to discover meaning that is not dependent on any single language.

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The aftermath of the LUMI end user webinar

CSC organized a webinar for LUMI supercomputer's end users. The webinar included presentations and the audience had a chance to ask questions related to LUMI.

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LUMI provides new opportunities for artificial intelligence research

Researcher Kimmo Kartasalo from Tampere University is very familiar with the requirements of artificial intelligence applications. Kartasalo believes that LUMI supercomputer and its huge computing capacity will open up a lot of different research opportunities, for example, in research utilizing AI.

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Onwards to data-driven world, part 1: Where are we heading to?

Data driven forces of digitalisation, automation, artificial intelligence, and autonomous agents are all driven by software. Software is both the starting point and the final destination. Everything needs to start from something that is controlled by software, or at least observed by it.

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Digital policy in the EU – what lies ahead?

The EU’s digital policy has been a hot topic lately. Last week the European Commission published three significant strategies concerning digitalization, artificial intelligence and data.

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Matkalla kohti tekoälyä

Tekoäly on puheenaihe, joka ei tällä hetkellä esittelyä kaipaa. Niinpä tekoälystä kirjoitetaan nykyään paljon, kaikkialla ja kaikenlaista. Tekoälyn määrittely on vaikeaa alan tutkijoillekin, joten ymmärrettävästi moni tavallinen keskustelija ei tunnu ihan kauhean hyvin tietävän mistä puhuu, kun puhuu tekoälystä.

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Suomen tulee olla digitalisaation suunnannäyttäjä

CSC:n tavoitteet ja tehtävät tulevalle hallitukselle pohjautuvat strategisiin linjauksiimme siitä, miten suomalaisen tutkimuksen, koulutuksen, kulttuurin ja julkishallinnon kilpailukykyä edistetään.

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PRACE – international cooperation and some of the most advanced computing resources in Europe

Finnish researchers can apply for high-performance computing and data management resources and services from PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe).

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