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Content with Viewpoints Data storage and preservation .

Case study: University of Jyväskylä and Funet Backup

The backup pilot project jointly carried out by the University of Jyväskylä and CSC is making rapid progress. In the project, which involves the introduction of the Funet Backup service, backup copies of all material kept by the University of Jyväskylä will be produced for CSC. After that, the university will no longer have to maintain an in-house backup infrastructure. The project has been quite extensive and there is still a great deal of work to do. However, the lessons learned during the pilot project will augur well for the future.

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Korkeakoulujen KOTA-seminaarissa esillä korkeakoulutuksen tiedolla johtaminen ja visiotyö

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriön järjesti korkeakoulujen vuotuisen KOTA-seminaarin Lahdessa 27.–28.8.2019, Lahden ammattikorkeakoulun isännöimänä. Tapahtuma oli suunnattu korkeakoulujen tavoite- ja tulosohjausprosessista, korkeakoulujen tietohallinnosta sekä viranomaistiedonkeruusta vastaaville tahoille.

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LUMI brings new possibilities for social sciences

A huge increase in the amount of data has brought computational methods also to other branches of science, including human sciences, as the digitalisation of society changes research conducted in social sciences.

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Content with Viewpoints Data storage and preservation .

Introducing CSC's content retention policy in Services for Research and Education

The volume of digital data is ever-growing, also in research. The owner of the content needs to be aware of legislative issues, understand the meaning of good data management practices and make plans for the data lifecycle. GDPR also sets requirements on data. Personal data must always be managed and deleted according to published plans and consents.

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EGA is an extensive archive of biomedical patient data

European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) archives and distributes patient data collected in biomedical studies. EGA is a part of the European Elixir data infrastructure that serves life sciences. The repository is one of the world’s most extensive ones.

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Write an effective data management plan − Last minute tips for Academy applicants

In the past years funders have started to request a data management plan (DMP) along with the actual research plan when applying for funding. What should be now taken into account in the research plan about data management?

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Open access materials data in NOMAD

The NOMAD Repository and Archive (Novel Materials Discovery) distributes data related to materials science, a discipline incorporating physics, chemistry and engineering in order to design and discover new materials. The repository and archive provide the data under a Creative Commons license in raw and processed formats.

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Content with Viewpoints Data storage and preservation .

Case National Library: Cooperation that preserves national cultural heritage for future generations

Digital preservation of data ensures that cultural heritage materials are preserved and passed on to future generations and that they remain comprehensible.

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Vipunen provides statistics of Finnish education

Education and research organisations require diverse statistical data to support business intelligence, operational management and planning. A comprehensive illustration of the Finnish education and research system is essential to research as well.

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Case KAVI: CSC supports the preservation of Finnish radio and television heritage

KAVI preserves films and film-related materials as well as television programs for our decendants. CSC maintains KAVI´s radio and television program archives and provides the live streaming services so that the films and programs can be watched and heard by our users today, as well as the future generations.

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Searching for research data now easier with ETSIN service

As the research environment changes, there are also changes in the manner in which research is managed. Researchers should be able to publish and describe research data and refer to research produced by others.

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