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We here at CSC follow phenomena, trends, breakthroughs and pioneering efforts that affect our field. We are active participants in social debate and strive to influence national and international operating conditions in an effort to support our customers' success.



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Faster method to read quantum memory

To extract any useful information, the method that reads information from qubits must take the least amount of time as possible, allowing as few errors as possible. Joni Ikonen, a PhD student at Aalto University, has developed a faster method to to read quantum memory.

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CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteet: tehdään Suomesta modernin oppimisen edelläkävijä

CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteista käsitellään tällä viikolla jatkuvaa oppimista.

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CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteet: Suomi tekoälyn edelläkävijäksi

CSC:n hallitusohjelmatavoitteista käsitellään tällä viikolla datastrategiaa ja tekoälyä.

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Kvanttifyysikot onnistuivat energian häviöiden ja siirtymien hallinnassa

Aalto-yliopiston ja Oulun yliopiston tutkijoiden kehittämä kvanttipiirijäähdytin mahdollistaa energian häviöiden hallinnan kvanttilaitteissa. Tätä tarvitaan tulevaisuuden kvanttitietokoneiden rakentamisessa.

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Up to 20% of LUMI’s resources will be available to industry and SMEs

LUMI is a unique opportunity for companies for developing R&D activities and boosting innovation

Up to 20% of LUMI’s resources will be available to industry and SMEs. Using this capacity is a remarkable opportunity for Finnish industrial life and for the whole society.

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Exploring machine learning frameworks for cloud and supercomputing. Blog post 3/3

In this final part of the blog post series we will look at existing frameworks for implementing the combined machine learning workflow for HPC environments.

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Modern machine learning with supercomputers. Blog post 1/3

What does it take to provide the most powerful AI system possible? For us working in supercomputing centres around the world, “most powerful” is where we are aiming at all the time. After all, pushing the limits of computing is what we are paid to do.

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Onwards to data-driven world, part 3: IT industry and jobs of the future

In the previous blog post I described how data-driven approach will change the software development landscape. Here I continue the path upwards to what it means to the software industry and especially programming jobs.

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PRACE – international cooperation and some of the most advanced computing resources in Europe

Finnish researchers can apply for high-performance computing and data management resources and services from PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe).

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