Modern data center environment

The societal importance of data and data-based innovation and business is undeniable. Data utilisation requires efficient and functional data management and computing environments as well as reliable communication connections. CSC's data management and computing environment in Kajaani provides modern and environmentally friendly tools for solving the most tricky of scientific problems. With the arrival of LUMI, Kajaani is now home to one of the leading supercomputing centers.

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LUMI supercomputer

EuroHPC's LUMI is one of the world's fastest computer systems and most advanced platforms for artificial intelligence.

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The CSC Kajaani data center

CSC's data center has been operating at Renforsin Ranta Business Park since 2012. It is the perfect location for cost-effective and environmentally friendly data centers.

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You can explore the supercomputers by visiting our data centers on site or virtually.

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Puhti, Mahti and Allas

Finland's national supercomputers are Mahti and Puhti. Allas is a shared data management system serving the entire CSC computing environment.

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Data communications connections

The Renforsin Ranta Business Park is connected to several data communication routes, ensuring the reliability of communications.

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Green ICT, a greener future

Digitalisation has many positive effects, but at the same time the operation of data centers consumes a lot of electricity. Kajaani Data Center is one of the world's most eco-effective.

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