Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe

"PRACE has 26 members, representing European Union Member States and Associated Countries."

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) is a persistent, pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) managed as a single European entity.

Supercomputers are indispensable tools for solving the most challenging and complex scientific and technological problems through simulations. To guarantee that the European science community will maintain its international competitiveness, it has to have access to the world-class supercomputer systems. Through PRACE, European scientists and technologists can use world-leading supercomputers, the capacity of which is equal or superior to those in the USA, China or Japan.

R&D projects related to PRACE programme


PRACE is the European high performance computing infrastructure which has 26 members. PRACE hosts the leading-edge HPC systems in Europe. CSC represents Finland in the PRACE projects, and provides a seamless route to the Tier-0 resources for Finnish researchers.

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