Research Data Management Competence Center

The CSC Research Data Management Competence Center promotes and supports the skills and competence development of research data management. Aim is to foster Open Science and FAIR data management with adequate knowledge and best practices for managing, reusing, sharing and analyzing research data.

To increase the quality, reproducibility and productivity of research, RDM Competence Center:

• coordinates, develops and provides data management training
• provides consultation and support for organizations, data management experts and researchers
• works both in international and national projects
• collects feedback on CSC´s data management services, which are used in future service development

Get in touch via with the subject data management with matters related to research data management competence development.

CSC - Data Support Network

CSC - Data Support Network is part of the Research Data Management Competence Center and aims to enhance collaboration between data management professionals at different research organizations in Finland.

Everyone identifying themselves as data support staff, IT-experts or related with an affiliation to a Finnish higher education institution and interested in data management news and training opportunities is warmly welcome to the network!

The network seeks to open an easy conversational connection and opportunity for peer support between experts. CSC communicates relevant data management news, service development as well as upcoming training events to the network and organizes virtual data coffees once per month. The network has also a chat in use, which enables fast communication, knowledge exchange and informal discussion. In addition, we offer training material about data management for everyone to utilize in their own training events.