Solutions for managing and organising education

Interoperable data management solutions for steering an educational organisation and provisioning education

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Solutions for learners and teachers

Comprehensive solutions for digital learning and teaching and the associated e-services

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Solutions for teaching and educational cooperation

National and local solutions for organising educational and teaching cooperation across organisation boundaries

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Reliable partnership in advancing education and teaching

Digitalisation changes the interactive relationships between learners, teachers and the educational organisation, creating flexible study paths and allowing educational actors to cooperate on a new basis.

The nationwide solutions implemented by CSC make it easier to organise the practical aspects of education and teaching cooperation across organisational boundaries. We join forces with our partners to provide education management and organisation solutions and solutions for teaching and educational cooperation. We develop solutions that support teachers and learners in their daily work. 

Our customer segments include higher education institutions and organisations of primary and secondary education. For more information of services for education visit

Why CSC?

  • CSC is owned by the Finnish Government and higher education institutions
  • Our special task is to help the Finnish research and education community to succeed in theircore competencies
  • We have unique expertise in, among other things, data management, data analytics,scientific computing and interoperability of information systems
  • We provide our customers with properly scaled, cost-effective solutions that meet their needs
  • CSC's data centers are all located in Finland, thus allowing data to be kept securely within the country's borders
  • We participate in key EU projects and bring the expertise of international networks and innovations to Finland

Contact us!

E-mail addresses:

Kirsi Pispa

Director, Services for digitalization of Education
Phone +358 9 457 2339

Hanna-Mari Puuska

director, Services for Information Management and Data Analytics
Phone +358 9 457 2959