Digitalization makes daily life better

Digital services make transactions smoother and enable the use of services regardless of time and place. Public services must also be provided equally and fairly, on the terms of each citizen.

CSC helps its customers make Finland a pioneer in digital services by ensuring the development of our customers' digital service environments and knowledge management. Continuous learning services support the digitalization of education and the objectives of the digital vision of higher education institutions.

In 2020, CSC supported the digitalization development of higher education institutions by developing a cross-study service and the introduction of modern study administration systems. CSC was selected as a Digivision 2030 project office for higher education institutions, and the Library of Open Educational Resources, the Financial information service for municipalities and the cross-institutional study service were completed on schedule and opened for production use.

The exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was reflected in a strong increase in customer demand for digital services and a continuous increase in the number of users throughout the year as well as in the support for service processes rapidly virtualized by customers.

Rapid response to support customers in dealing with the pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for digital services in our customers' operations grew exponentially. CSC responded to the need together with its partners.

CSC supported the student admission process of higher education institutions by providing infrastructure services and supporting the planning and organization of processes under exceptional circumstances. More than 115,000 applicants took entrance examinations with solutions supported by CSC.

The use of telework, teaching and learning services multiplied, and they were developed together with customers.

Funet services were expanded quickly to support online teaching at higher education institutions. The time spent in Funet Miitti (Zoom) service meetings increased by more than 65 times by the autumn. Funet's need for video recording services (Funet Etuubi, Funet Video) increased dramatically in the autumn (+400%).

Use of the EXAM system, which supports the electronic examination process, also increased and was developed to meet the exceptional needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identification solutions were further developed and service providers were supported in implementing solutions that enable smooth distance learning in primary and secondary education as well as higher education.

The transition of primary and secondary education to distance learning was also evident in the use of MPASSid. In 2020, the number of logins increased to 5.7 million (400% increase).

Logins to the Haka user identification system, on the other hand, increased to about 56.3 million (30% increase) in 2020.


Transition of higher education institution library systems progressed

CSC supported the reform of the joint library systems of higher education institutions and the National Library of Finland in terms of national tasks promoting interoperability and the new functionalities of the Finna service, which enable researchers to access protected data (Finna Tutkijasali) and open learning materials (Finna AOE). The system changes to customer cooperation lasting over 20 years progressed as agreed.

Library of Open Educational Resources opened

The Library of Open Educational Resources (AOE) was launched on 9 March 2020. The Library of Open Educational Resources collects open learning materials from all levels of education. The service is provided by the Finnish National Agency for Education, and CSC provides the infrastructure and maintenance of the service.

At the end of 2020, more than 900 educational resources were available through the Library of Open Educational Resources.

Cooperation on the DIVA project was supplemented by architecture and specification work

CSC continued its cooperation with the Ministry of Finance on the development and digitalization of government grants (DIVA) project. The target of development is activities with a volume of EUR 4 million per year. CSC provided the project with information architecture consulting and system service specification and planning, which further strengthens the long-term cooperation, which has been running since 2017.

Construction of the information system Etsivä launched

The Department for Youth and Sports Policy (NUOLI) of the Ministry of Education and Culture made an agreement with CSC on the construction of the Etsivä information system for youth outreach work. The system serves authorities (education and training providers, the Finnish Defence Forces, the Civilian Service Centre, Kela) as well as youths and their guardians. CSC drafted the system definition and roadmap and began construction on the system, which will be completed in June 2021. completed ahead of schedule

The data collection of municipal finances development project for central government was completed ahead of schedule at the end of 2020 and under the budget estimate. The data collection works well and the results can be seen in the service. CSC will continue to cooperate with the State Treasury.

The Digivision project office for higher education institutions was launched

CSC was selected as the leader of the Digivision 2030 project office for higher education institutions, the project office opened and the first recruitment was successfully conducted. The planning of identity management pilots was started with the project office. The aim of the pilot project is to utilize the expertise gained through operation of CSC's Haka trust network.

CSC was selected as the leader of the Digivision 2030 project.

The digitalization development of higher education institutions was supported by cross-institutional study services and information systems

The cross-institutional study service of higher education institutions was developed in cooperation with them for implementation in 2021.  The project (2017-2020) progressed on schedule. The cross-institutional study service is a service channel that provides a standardized way for higher education institutions to transfer information related to study offerings, enrollment and study achievement with other higher education institutions.

CSC continued to develop the Peppi system, which enables flexible learning paths, in cooperation with higher education institutions belonging to the Peppi consortium. CSC supported the introduction of Peppi services at four universities and one university of applied sciences. The customer feedback received on the support was excellent.  CSC also supported higher education institutions in measures that enable a controlled transition from the Oodi system to users of the Peppi service entity (6 universities) or the Sisu system entity (3 universities) during 2021.

Artificial intelligence to assist in document archiving

In the High-Performance Digitisation project, CSC, in cooperation with the National Library of Finland and National Archives, developed solutions based on artificial intelligence for sorting and describing document archives. The developed AI methods and information systems enable the transformation of large paper archives into a digital directory with descriptions. Special emphasis was given to developing and comparing methods of artificial intelligence that deal with Finnish more effectively using supercomputers.

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