Responsibility for personnel

Strong and diverse expertise is the foundation of CSC's business and the services it provides. Personnel competence and solution-oriented activities are key factors for the success of the company.

At the end of 2020, CSC employed 454 persons, 94% of whom were employed under a permanent employment contract. Employee turnover was 6.1%, which is a good rate for the industry. The average duration of employment was approx. 7.6 years, and the gender ratio was 31% women and 69% men.

The additional “KIKY” working hours agreed upon in connection with the 2017 Competitiveness Pact were removed from the technology industry in 2020. The 24 hour extension included in the previous agreement was removed on 31 December 2019.

Personnel policy, well-being at work and key figures

As it was everywhere else, 2020 at CSC was particularly exceptional, and in practice the entire staff transitioned to remote working arrangements in March. In expert positions, mental working capacity in particular plays a key role in the employees’ ability to cope at work and their work motivation.

At CSC, wellbeing at work was taken into account in a number of ways, such as by offering greater flexibility in working hours, loaning furniture for use at home, provide online “break exercise” and organizing communal events for all personnel on Zoom.

CSC also provides its employees with extensive occupational health care services that include COVID-19 testing and health insurance. Due to the pandemic, there was little opportunity to realize a wide range of supported opportunities for physical activity, recreation and recreational activities during the year.

In order to respond to the increase in remote work arrangements due to the pandemic, CSC offered its employees separate, voluntary remote work insurance, which increases their security when working from home.

I am particularly pleased that, in our results, areas such as employer image, management and operating culture, and supervisory activities are clearly above the reference level for Finnish expert organizations, CSC’s CEO Kimmo Koski.

CSC won the “Finland's Most Inspiring Workplace” award from research and consulting firm, Eezy Spirit, which is conducting our personnel research. This is a demonstration of our employees’ high level of dedication. “Our response rate was excellent, reaching over 90%.

- I am particularly pleased that, in our results, areas such as employer image, management and operating culture, and supervisory activities are clearly above the reference level for Finnish expert organizations, says CSC’s CEO Kimmo Koski. Indeed, the areas mentioned by Koski have seen the greatest development. At the moment, it is important for the rapidly growing company to be an attractive employer which is also able to keep hold of the experts it obtains through maintaining a successful corporate culture.

Key figures for CSC staff 2020


Code of Conduct and equality

CSC's Code of Conduct provides a comprehensive description of the employee’s rights principles that we adhere to in all of our operations. These are supplemented by our internal equality and non-discrimination plan, whose content is reviewed and updated regularly.

Performance management, competence development and remuneration

Conducted at CSC during the first quarter of the year, performance and development discussions are used to evaluate the achievements of the previous period and set the targets for the coming period. The personal goals of employees are outlined in relation to the goals of the unit and the company. Competence development planning is carried out within the framework of the personal development plan in August-September, and its implementation is actively monitored by employees and their supervisors.

Performance-based incentives were distributed to personnel in 2020. The maximum amount of the incentives was 4.7% of the annual salary. Each year, the Board of Directors decides on the awarding of performance-based incentives and the criteria to be used, and authorizes the Managing Director to implement the distribution of the incentives to personnel.

CSC seeks to be a desirable and responsible employer that inspires its personnel to get the best out of their expertise. CSC also encourages lifelong learning and supports continuing studies in the form of study leaves. During the past year, a large part of the personnel participated in different types of refresher training, in addition to which continuous learning on the job was encouraged.

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