Development of high-performance computing competences for industry in Kainuu

The project aims to strengthen HPC expertise in Kajaani and the region of Kainuu. It will support companies in Northern and Eastern Finland in the uptake and utilisation of supercomputing in general, as well as in the world-class computing environment hosted in Kajaani by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. The aim is especially to support the industrial use of LUMI EuroHPC, Europe’s fastest supercomputer.

The project will hire a new technical expert to CSC’s office in Kajaani to support the promotion and piloting of supercomputing in companies. This will be realised through contacting and meeting companies in Northern and Eastern Finland, who will then receive advise in the use or adoption of supercomputing. A preparatory study will be conducted for companies who express their interest, and selected companies may also receive further support.

The project will significantly advance the level of HPC competences in Kajaani and improve the capabilities of private companies in Northern and Eastern Finland to utilise supercomputing in their businesses. It will also introduce a minimum of 5 new industrial projects in CSC's HPC environment as well as improve or open new cooperation opportunities between companies and research institutes in Northern and Eastern Finland.

CSC is the mono-beneficiary of this project, and will solely execute all the tasks.