Learn supercomputing and experience the world’s largest High-Performance Computing conference in USA in November 2023

Learn supercomputing and experience the world’s largest High-Performance Computing conference in USA in November 2023!

CSC – IT Center for Science with two Finnish universities (Aalto University and University of Helsinki) is putting together a team of six undergraduate students for the student cluster competition (SCC)  taking place at the Supercomputing23 (SC23) conference held in Denver, USA in November 2023.  

The student cluster competition  is a unique opportunity for a student interested in High-Performance Computing (HPC) to experience the most important HPC conference in the world. One will get the chance to see the latest hardware on the showroom floor, attend scientific and technical presentations, meet industry representatives and of course attend several parties with fellow students from across the globe. In other words, this is your chance to participate in the yearly pilgrimage of the HPC geeks! 

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In the 48 hour non-stop competition teams of six undergraduates from all over the world work on their clusters solving various High-Performance Computing (HPC) related problems: running applications as fast as possible and reproducing results of technical papers while simultaneously dealing with power capping and outages.

We are looking for team players with the following skills: 

Essential (at least one of them): 

  • Experience in using Linux, bash etc. 
  • Experience with compiling applications from Linux terminal 
  • Experience with at least one programming language such as C, C++, Fortran  
  • Studies in applied domain science (Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, etc.)  
  • Linux system administration 

Desired (training will be provided): 

  • Experience with parallel computing (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA) 
  • Understanding of CPU and GPU architectures and how applications perform  
  • Benchmarking applications on HPC systems 

And most importantly, the candidates must have the motivation to learn and contribute to the team! CSC together with the cluster sponsoring vendor will provide training and coaching for the team. 

SC23 registration and housing will be provided. The aim is to cover travel expenses, but this will be negotiated and arranged separately.  
As diversity and inclusiveness are important aspects of the competition, we encourage applications from women and underrepresented groups in the field. If you are interested, apply at 


with a cover letter (explaining why you should be chosen to the team) and a CV by 31.1.2023. 

Please note that we are still working on a number of details and that the SCC selection is highly competitive so we cannot guarantee the eventual participation of the team. However, we are sure that the training alone will improve your skills for your future career. Moreover, study credits will be recommended to compensate for the time spent in the preparation and competition. 

For more information, please contact Jussi Heikonen (CSC) (jussi.heikonen@csc.fi).