Towards the European Health Data Space Joint Action

The Joint Action Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS) is a consortium of 26 EU member states and other countries that work to improve cross-border use of health data for the benefit of citizens’ health, for public health, research and innovation.

TEHDAS builds on earlier EU actions, fostering the digital transformation of European health systems. It contributes to responding to the Member States’ call at the October 2020 European Council to set up a European Health Data Space, which was proposed by the von der Leyen Commission.

The Joint Action helps Members States and the Commission to develop and promote concepts for the sharing of data, so that in the future Europe, citizens, communities and companies benefit from a protected and seamless access to health data regardless of where it is stored.

TEHDAS will suggest options for an operational framework and governance in order to overcome legal and technical differences between countries. TEHDAS is grounded on the principles of transparency, trust and citizen empowerment. It will work on technical and semantic challenges, propose services and architectural and infrastructural elements required in the European Health Data Space. Citizens increasingly manage their data, which requires a better understanding and a European perspective. To maintain trust in fair and secure data sharing, TEHDAS will suggest strengthened governance mechanisms for cross-sector use of health data in common data spaces at the EU and Member State levels.

TEHDAS will reach out and engage with many types of stakeholders to reflect their needs and expectations, explore views on economic issues, and suggest concrete ways to integrate results into the future of the European Health Data Space.



This project has received funding from the EU 3rd Health Programme call HP-JA-2020.