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Webinar: Quantum Computing by a Quantum Annealer
Date: 24.05.2019 14:00 EET - 24.05.2019 15:00 EET
Location details: Join the webinar in Zoom:
Language: english-language
lecturers: Jami Rönkkö (CSC)
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Additional Information
This second quantum computing webinar presents a quantum computing approach known as quantum annealing. Quantum annealers are a subclass of quantum computers that sacrifice a degree of control in favor of scalability. As a result, most of the early manifestations of quantum computing are based on quantum annealing. An example is the first commercial quantum computers by D-Wave Systems.

In this webinar, the method of quantum annealing is introduced together with some real-world applications of the approach. A rudimentary example of mapping a problem onto the D-Wave System's quantum annealer will be presented.


This introductory webinar does not require any prior knowledge of physics or computing. Having seen the first quantum computing webinar ( is beneficial but not mandatory for following this one.

The recording of the webinar is viewable on YouTube:
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