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Parallel Programming with MPI

Parallel Programming with MPI
Date: 12.12.2012 9:00 - 14.12.2012 17:00
Location details: -
Language: english-language
lecturers: Pekka Manninen (CSC)
Price: -

This course is a walk-through on the most important features of the de-facto standard approach to parallel programming: Message Passing Interface (MPI). This course is a combination of selected contents from the CSC/PATC courses Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenMP and MPI and Advanced Parallel Programming.
The course consists of lectures and hands-on programming exercises, progressing on a relaxed pace and atmosphere.

Learning outcome

After the course the participants will understand the MPI approach and should be able to parallelize serial programs with MPI and to modify and extend existing MPI codes.


No prior knowledge on parallel programming is required, but the participants have to have a working knowledge in Fortran and C programming languages.


Day 1

  • Message-passing programming model
  • MPI point-to-point communication
  • Non-blocking communication
Day 2
  • Collective communication
  • User-defined communicators
  • Communication topologies

Day 3

  • User-defined datatypes
  • MPI I/O
  • Performance considerations
Note that this is only a plan; it will be possible to slow down or speed up the agenda on-the-fly according to the views of the participants.
Course materials