Finnish Quantum Flagship

Finnish Quantum Flagship

Quantum technology (QT) refers to various technologies that harness quantum effects such as superposition, entanglement, and wave-function interference to perform tasks that are difficult or practically impossible to accomplish with classical physics. Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize many areas of science, engineering, and industry, ranging from clean production of energy to materials science and drug design.

The Finnish Quantum Flagship brings together leading quantum experts in physics, computational science, mathematics, nano science and -technology, as well as economics, to consolidate and expand Finland’s national ecosystem for quantum technology.

The Flagship will work on quantum materials, quantum devices, and quantum computing, as well as a future program for new high-risk topics and technologies selected for further development. A significant part of the Flagship activities will focus on a targeted program for QT ecosystem development, supporting economic growth and quantum technology awareness in Finnish society. 

The Flagship will foster collaboration across organizations and disciplines to prepare the Finnish society for the benefits and implications of quantum technology. Through cutting-edge research, the flagship aims to boosts the emergence of new businesses and secure Finland’s position as a leading quantum-enabled society.

CSC will contribute to the quantum technology ecosystem via outreach and training activities. Further, CSC provides the link connecting quantum computing with traditional high-performance computing and artificial intelligence infrastructure, by catalyzing synergies between these different computing approaches.

This project has received funding from the Research Council of Finland​​​​​​​.