Nordic-Estonian Quantum Computing e-Infrastructure Quest

The potential of quantum computing is immense, and can bring about a much needed renewal of the Nordic R&D sector, based on a highly skilled workforce. To catalyse the uptake of quantum computing and quantum software development, a mature quantum computing infrastructure is crucial. The educational aspect is equally important. In order to increase quantum literacy in the Nordics, a platform providing low-barrier adoption of the technology, reaching students at various levels as well as professionals in fields that could either utilise or further develop quantum computing is needed.

NordIQuEst will provide a quantum computing platform customised to the needs of the Nordic region, with access to several Nordic quantum computers and quantum computer simulators. Pooling of resources and collaboration among the Nordic countries is imperative for reaching the critical mass that elevates quantum computing to a genuine opportunity for renewal of the Nordic high-tech field. The project gathers 7 partners from 5 NeIC countries, each with the complementary expertise and resources required for establishing this new infrastructure, bringing together some of the best quantum expertise globally. It assembles the combined resources of the project partners, providing access to state-of-the-art quantum computers, quantum computer simulators and the LUMI pre-exascale supercomputer, but also user and computer interfaces, quantum program libraries, training and education events and materials, as well as user support. The existing Nordic HPC infrastructure will be strenghtened by adding a quantum computing environment. NordIQuEst considers sustainability as one of its core goals and aims for long-term scalability. By the end of this project, a solid and functioning, truly multi-purpose Nordic quantum computing ecosystem will be established, ready to be further exploited.

CSC will coordinate the whole project towards the planned outcomes and will handle the communication of the its activities. In addition, CSC will provide supercomputing and infrastructure support, as well as its expertise in Quantum computing, all key factors for the good outcome of the project.

Financial support for this project was provided by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC).