Sports Data and Digitalization: New Know-how and Added Value for the Kainuu and Vuokatti’s Skiing Center

The CEMIS-UDDA project is part of the CEMIS development program 2022–2024, which supports the digital and green transition of the Kainuu region with smart measurement technology expertise and new digital technologies.

The goal of the CEMIS-UDDA project is to increase data expertise and to apply existing knowledge in a focused manner for the measurement of sports, where a digital leap has not yet taken place. In addition, the target is to develop technology, measurement methods, and analytics to support the ancillary services and environment for Nordic skiing and sports tourism in Vuokatti.

The project aims to spread the knowledge gained, in the context of sports, more widely to the health promotion and welfare sector as well as to the development of unique service innovations to support Vuokatti’s sports tourism services. The themes selected for the project support regional goals through the development of measurement technology and the assurance of measurement reliability, which enables data usability for the development of demanding data analytics and new applications based on artificial intelligence in the future.

CSC develops the environments and processes needed in the project for sports data processing and coordinates the activities related to increasing competences surrounding sports data. CSC also supports project parties with its expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence and data management, as well as offers supercomputing and artificial intelligence environments for use by the project.

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