Increasing Competence in Research Software development

The current emphasis on open science is caused by the crisis of reproducibility and inability to make full use of existing research. Reproducibility comes with significant technical challenges that affect researchers’ day-to-day work, and over the past five years CodeRefinery has addressed them by teaching key tools and practices. It has shown that the training works in international collaboration, and the sustainability (3rd) phase will ensure a long-lasting effect. The project supports researchers by advancing the FAIRness of software and development practices so that they can collaboratively develop, review, discuss, test, share, and reuse their codes, yet the tools taught by CodeRefinery are rarely part of academic curricula. For the continued collaboration and development of the community effort to be successful and sustainable, it is important that the collaboration is supported by dedicated coordination during this transition phase.

CodeRefinery3 will ensure the long-term success of the lessons developed during previous project phases by funding a central coordination of in-kind contributions, thus i) coordinating and delivering a sufficient number of accessible high-quality training events contributing to a level-up of research software development skills at a reduced cost for each participating institution, ii) maintaining and developing further an inclusive community for software and skill development and fostering the co-creation and co-maintenance of FAIR learning materials, videos, and other resources, and iii) increasing the number of instructors trained with a pedagogy suitable for teaching technology from novice to intermediate level learners.

CSC participates in coordinating and delivering the project.

Financial support for this project was provided by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC).