Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure

The Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure (FiQCI) provides an open, state-of-the art, hybrid high-performance computing and quantum computing (HPC+QC) platform. FiQCI is accessible through a unified interface, serving the entire national research and development scene.

Some of the most pressing challenges of our society, from accurate modelling of complex weather systems, via optimisation of resource usage, to development of novel, sustainable materials can be tackled with unprecedented vigour using quantum-accelerated supercomputing. FiQCI supports academic research, education, and industrial uptake of quantum computing, and gives the required boost to national quantum software and algorithm research effort. 

During the first years of FiQCI, the focus was on setting up and developing the core hardware and user interface for the quantum computers, the system level access layer and the quantum simulator. Within the project period 2024-2026, FiQCI transitions from the implementation to the operational phase. Already now, FiQCI provides its users with one of the most powerful HPC+QC platforms in the world. Next, two new quantum computing resources will be added, first a 20-qubit device, followed by a 54-qubit QC. 

For real-world modelling workflows, quantum computers require integration with normal supercomputers. The FiQCI services will be extended to efficiently support hybrid quantum/classical approaches, that is, algorithms that run both on classical computing resources such as GPUs and CPUs, and on quantum resources, QPUs, within the same workflow. Also, to help lower the barrier to adoption of quantum computing the user interface will be augmented with a graphical, web-based user interface. 

CSC is leading the work on the integration with the LUMI supercomputer and the implementation of the web-based graphical user interface to the hybrid HPC+QC environment. The developed services will be available via CSC for research, educational, and commercial use, analogously to the open access high-performance computing services already provided by CSC.

More information about the funding

This project has received funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU instrument and is funded by the Research Council of Finland under decisions number 346146 and 358786.