Quantum Technologies Industrial

Quantum Technologies Industrial – QuTI project forms a 12-partner consortium with 9 companies, 2 universities, and one research organization, thus establishing the basis for a national industry-research quantum ecosystem. Majority of the industrial partners fall into the category of SMEs/start-ups, which provides an ideal starting point for the key general objective of QuTI: to enhance the international competitiveness of the Finnish industry in the rapidly developing field of quantum technologies. QuTI fosters collaborative development covering the full value chain from materials and hardware to software and system-level solutions.

The quantum world holds great power yet to be harnessed, and thus a major part of the work in QuTI is devoted to hardware-oriented system and component development to meet the stringent requirements of quantum computing, communication, and sensing. Simultaneously, new instrumentation for the quantum R&D itself will be pursued to serve, on the one hand, the needs of the QuTI project and, on the other hand, future commercial needs of the whole quantum technology field. The quest to find the killer quantum application also requires tailored software and algorithm solutions, which form a rising branch field of their own. In QuTI, this effort will go hand-in-hand with hardware development. Algorithms will be developed especially for quantum computing and to achieve a so-called quantum advantage even with limited-size quantum processors. In parallel, the hardware track of the project seeks new solutions to enhance the scalability of quantum hardware and meet the algorithm development halfway for quantum advantage, for example investigating a new hybrid platform that can provide telecom photon-based interfacing for quantum processors, which can simultaneously be used to study quantum communication. The developed QuTI platforms will be tailored and applied to quantum radar and illumination utilizing the so-called quantum sensing, thus enabling detection of targets in noisy environments with ultra low power.

CSC’s role in the project is to develop a quantum computing platform and demonstrate connections between high-performance computing and quantum computing.

​​​​​​​This project is partially funded by Business Finland.