Finnish Quantum Computing Infrastructure

The Finnish Quantum Computing Infrastructure (FiQCI) will provide an open-access platform for quantum computing with state-of-the-art physical quantum computers and quantum computer emulators, accessible through a unified service interface. The quantum computers operating on the premises of our infrastructure partners provide a unique tool for education and research at all levels, from high-level software (SW) access for algorithm development to lower stack levels.

The project will acquire a quantum computer (QC) customised for deep operation depth and launch an open access quantum computing service platform, integrated with an already operational quantum computer emulator. In order to be of benefit to solving real-world problems, a quantum computer needs to be capable of running programs on a sufficiently long gate path from the input to the output, i.e., enable execution of sufficiently deep algorithms. The deep-circuit Quantum Computer of this proposal is a crucial step towards quantum advantage, complementing the other major investment of FiQCI, the quantum computer for wide algorithms. The QCs also provide a low-level access for quantum system simulation experiments, enabling research and education on physical quantum systems using the QC as a quantum simulator platform. Furthermore, the project will develop a remote access computational service and a quantum algorithms library required to deploy the service to the end-users.

FiQCI supports academic research and education, as well as industrial uptake of quantum computing, and is expected to give the required boost to national quantum software and algorithm research efforts.

CSC participates in the project by building a service interface for the quantum computer and by hosting and developing the service based on user needs and perspective.



This project has received funding from the Research Council of Finland​​​​​​​.