How to use the Allas Storage Service?


This webinar is intended for the new users of the Allas Storage Service. The webinar will go through the purpose and features of the Allas Storage Service such as how to set it up and briefly demonstrate how to use it. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the use of Allas. The webinar is held in English.

Learning outcome

You will learn:

What are the benefits of using Allas?

How to start using the Allas Storage Service?

If your research data consists of sensitive data, is there anything special to consider when using Allas?

Do I need to know a programming language in order to use the Allas service? Do I need to have any software/tools installed on my computer?

You will get a general idea on how to use Allas in practice. 


HAKA credentials or CSC account.


  • Introduction 
  • Presentation, Juha Törnroos 
  • Questions & comments
  • Demo, Kimmo Mattila
  • Questions & comments 


Juha Törnroos – the Service Owner of the Allas Storage Service 

Kimmo Mattila – end user support provider.

Additional information: paivi.rauste [at]