Online: Nextflow Hackthon on CSC Supercomputers

Are you working with complex workflows in bioinformatics? do you want to learn more about workflow managers like Nextflow?. Here is a hackthon for you. This event is aimed at helping users deploy their Nextflow pipelines for example on Puhti supercomputer at CSC. Running and managing workflows in bioinformatics applications can be challenging as the workflows usually are fragile eco-systems of several software tools and their dependencies. We therefore need a workflow manager like Nextflow to manage our scientific workflows.  Event is offered remotely and is  free-of-charge.

Date: 11.04.2024

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM


– Introduction to nextflow
– Deploying nextflow pipelines in Puhti
– Hackathon

Expectations from Hackathon: This hackathon is more about deploying your own pipelines on Puhti. So you can bring your pipeline(s) and CSC people will try to help you if you run into some issues.  CSC will provide one or two nextflow pipelines for those who don’t have a pipeline to work during the hackathon