Online: Schrödinger Certification Courses offered by CSC

Update 8.3.2024: The initial restriction of one course seat per research group has now been lifted and researchers affiliated with the same group may apply for a course coupon. The number of seats per person is, however, still limited to one.

CSC is offering an opportunity to participate in introductory online certification courses organized by Schrödinger Inc. Schrödinger is a software company that provides tools and training for computational life sciences and materials science (e.g. Maestro, Desmond, Glide, Jaguar). CSC provides a national license for running Schrödinger tools and workflows on CSC HPC platforms.


The offered introductory online courses focus on a range of topics related to drug discovery and materials science. Please see the links below for complete lists of modules and descriptions.

Please note that advanced level courses are not included in this offer.


We are offering 1 free seat per person, ideally for a young researcher (PhD student or research assistant), or members of groups with little experience in applying computational methods. With the first round of registrations now completed, we are offering the remaining course coupons on a ”first come, first served” basis. Further seats can also be purchased directly from Schrödinger for a student fee of $140 USD per course.

Please note that CSC’s Schrödinger license, including the free of charge online courses offered herein, only cover academic users affiliated with a Finnish higher education institute.


Register below to apply for a course seat! Please inform us which research group you are affiliated with and include a brief description of your motivation to participate. The successful applicants will be contacted and provided a coupon code using which they may sign up for a course free of charge.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, don’t hesitate to contact For questions about the online courses, please contact Schrödinger’s customer support at