Seminar: Climate DT + Quantum?

Come and learn the basic ideas behind digital twins of the Earth and quantum computing, followed by a discussion on the possibility of a common future of the two.

Digital twins of the climate system and quantum computing in a nutshell

Time: Tuesday 10 Oct 2023 10:00 Finnish time
Place: On-site at CSC, Life Science Center, Espoo and online

The Climate Change Adaptation Digital Twin (Climate DT) is part of Destination Earth, a European Commission initiative for a sustainable future. In Destination Earth, highly accurate digital models of the Earth are developed, running on the most powerful supercomputers of the world. The aim is to simulate and predict the interactions between human activities and natural phenomena. This will enable evidence-based policy-making in the future, by providing reliable estimates of the effects of human actions.

Quantum computers are an emerging technology, with the potential to revolutionise computational modelling and high-performance computing. By exploiting the power of the fundamental laws of physics, a quantum computer performs calculations in an entirely new manner. Thus, some problems that can never be solved using classical supercomputers alone become tractable.

Can quantum computing aid climate modelling and digital twins of the climate? Let’s find out!

Target audience: everyone interested in digital twins of the Earth and quantum computing


  1. Introduction to digital twins of the Earth and Climate DT in particular
  2. Basic concepts of quantum computing
  3. Quantum-acceleration of the Climate DT: possibilites and challenges
  4. Lively discussion

Leading the discussion:

Dr. Jarmo Mäkelä, Senior Application Scientist at CSC

Dr. Mikael Johansson, Manager, Quantum Technologies at CSC

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