Web GIS Enabled Spatial Analysis & Data Science with ArcGIS

Course attendees get to know the spatial analysis framework within the ArcGIS platform for vector, point cloud, and raster data.

Using Esri’s ArcGIS Pro desktop app, spatial data science methods are applied for pattern detection and clustering, but also to make spatial data-based predictions. Participants are also introduced to a modern Web GIS implementation pattern, the new paradigm of how people can share, find, and use geographic information via a geospatial cloud.

Basic understanding of GIS and GIS data

The course is carried out as a remote course via Zoom. The course includes also practical exercises done with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. For that participants should have locally installed ArcGIS Pro with Spatial Analyst, Image Analyst, Network and 3D Analyst enabled to own laptop or PC. ArcGIS Pro can be installed to Windows operating system only. Also participants should preferably have accounts to home organizations ArcGIS Online. If needed also temporary ArcGIS Online accounts are available, please inform if you need this.

Several Finnish universities have comprehensive ArcGIS licenses, inc ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, via universities ArcGIS software consortium organized by CSC. More information about participating universities and available licenses can be found from CSC ArcGIS pages.

The course is open only for students and personnel of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, and for personnel of Finnish research institutes.

Lecturer: Aki Kaapro, ESRI Finland


Wednesday 26.5.2021

Exploring various spatial datasets with ArcGIS Pro and common geoprocessing workflows; get to know ArcGIS Pro desktop app
Coffee break
Spatial pattern detection and clustering

Thursday 27.5.2021

Spatial predictions     

Coffee break     

Web GIS enabling productivity, data storage, and communication for individuals, organizations.

Practically it would be very good to have 2 screens for the course, one for following the instructions from Zoom and the other for working with the exercise.

Price: 80€ + VAT

Registrartion dead-line:23.5.2021