Predict, Innovate, Measure and Analyse – Well-being from Lifestyle Changes, Safe and Healthy Working Environment and Safe Products

The CEMIS-HYVIS project will be developing services, computing tools and healthcare technology that promote digitalization, and support the green transition, for the use of companies, healthcare and municipalities in the Kainuu region.

The project has four main activities:

  1. New Internet of Things (IoT) technologies producing large amount of measurement data are used to monitor the indoor conditions of the built environment. Based on the monitoring data, energy consumption and well-being in the premises are optimized. Based on piloting, a system and service concept for companies and public actors is developed for monitoring the built environment.
  2. As an example of utilizing IoT technology in healthcare, continuous sensor measurements required by the peritoneal dialysis device will be developed. Peritoneal dialysis makes it possible to transfer dialysis to home.
  3. Occupational health and healthcare activities are supported by developing tools for predictive calculation of health. These can be used to motivate people by showing in which direction their body composition is changing with current lifestyle and how the lifestyle changes made might affect.
  4. The project shall support the production of quality products by various companies producing ’clean’ food, nutrition, health, welfare, hygiene and cosmetics products. This is done through the development of microbial analytics of production and service facilities, raw materials and products.

As a part of the project, CSC is developing the data analytics piloting environments needed for the project as well as supports the development of visual user tools. In addition, CSC is offering supercomputing and artificial intelligence environments for use by the project.

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