EuroCC 2

National Competence Centres in the Framework of EuroHPC Phase 2

National Competence Centres (NCCs) are central points of contact for HPC and related technologies in their country, with a mission to map out HPC competences and institutions within the country, act as a gateway between industry, academia and providers for expertise and relevant projects, collect and display HPC training offers, and foster industrial uptake of HPC. The development and operations of the over 30 NCCs are funded from the EU’s Horizon and Digital Europe programmes, beginning with the EuroCC project (1.9.2020-31.12.2022).

EuroCC 2 builds on the results of the previous project, and its main task, in addition to high-level management to monitor progress in the NCCs’ development, is to support national centres in setting up their individual operational frameworks, while accessing and making the most of the experience and expertise currently available at the national and European levels. In EuroCC 2, the focus is more on supporting industry, especially SMEs, to utilise HPC resources.

CSC’s role in the project is to support, build and enhance the capability and competence of users in Finland to harness the potential of high-performance computing, data analytics and AI. The activities and services offered by NCC Finland will be especially targeted towards industry/SME users, but also useful for other user groups, including the academia, research institutions and public administration. NCC Finland will heavily focus on paving the users’ way to LUMI, the EuroHPC pre-exascale system located in Finland. CSC provides e.g. training, courses, practical level support and consultation to operate in HPC environment.

More information about the funding

This project is supported by the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) under grant agreement No 101101903 and by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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