EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure

EUDAT is a network of more than 20 European research organisations as well as data and computing centres. The organizations host together the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (EUDAT CDI), one of the largest infrastructures of integrated data services and resources supporting research in Europe.

EUDAT CDI allows European researchers and practitioners across disciplines to preserve, find, access and process data in a trusted environment. It has been developed in close collaboration with over 50 research communities of all scientific disciplines. Aside from the research infrastructure, the EUDAT network itself offers various research data management services and storage resources. With them EUDAT is supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals through a geographically distributed, resilient network.

EUDAT CDI acknowledges FAIR principles and supports sharing and reusing open data through its services, while recognising that not all data will be completely unrestricted. EUDAT CDI has supported European projects with its services for research data lifecycle, as well as through user communities and institutions. It also advocates the best practices in research data management, providing valuable experience and expertise to various projects and institutions.

CSC has been involved in EUDAT collaboration since 2010 as one of its founding members, and is overall one of the key partners driving EUDAT agenda. We offer both free and tailored EUDAT services for data management and sharing for Finnish research communities and individual researchers. CSC is heavily involved in EUDAT CDI's administration, including leading the EUDAT CDI Secretariat, chairing the EUDAT CDI Council and having a representative in the EUDAT CDI Executive Board. Along with the Dutch SURF, CSC is the co-owner of EUDAT Ltd., a legal entity that can make contracts and participate in EU projects on EUDAT CDI's behalf.

Being a member of EUDAT provides CSC with a position of influence in the European infrastructure landscape. For example, EUDAT CDI is one of the key providers in European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It has enabled CSC to receive funding for several EOSC-related project, which EUDAT also has positions in steering of.

The membership of EUDAT also allows CSC to provide high-quality data services based on EUDAT technology. These services are part of CSC's service portfolio, offering an option for customisable solutions. The collaboration provides CSC experts with better options for knowledge and skills transfer in developing, operating and supporting EUDAT data management services as part of a European consortium.

EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure logo.

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