Human Exposome Assessment Platform

HEAP will provide a research resource for an integrated and efficient analysis of the human exposome. One primary outcome of the project is the complete process for obtaining actionable knowledge from the following sustainable cohorts:

  1. a nation-wide Maternity Cohort where the impact of exposures on the health of women and children is supported by measures from wearable exposure sensors and metabolomics analysis
  2. a large cervical screening cohort enabling studies on women´s health supported with systematic epigenomics and metagenomics analyses
  3. and the systematic collection of consumer purchasing receipts linked to health outcomes will open new possibilities for assessing the impact of exposures on health in households.

HEAP will launch a state-of-the-science informatics infrastructure (IaaS) composed of prime ICT resources from partner institutions in several EU countries, accessed through a software platform (PaaS) that includes the world’s fastest Hadoop platform to provide data warehousing and applied AI. The platform customised for exposome assessment will provide a decision support system for researchers, policymakers, and industry. All the data managed and processed by HEAP will be available for future research as well as the developed analyses. The platform can be enriched with new data and analysis pipelines and can be deployed in multiple instances to create a HEAP network towards producing shareable and reusable knowledge to promote health in society.

CSC leads the Secure Infrastructure for Big Data work in the HEAP project. The aim is to develop technology for managing and storing sensitive human data. This means a secure data storage in a cloud environment and streaming remote data for processing through a secure data access mechanism.

At CSC, HEAP project is part of the ELIXIR programme.

More information about the funding

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874662.

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