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Laura Eiro

(b. 1978), L.M., CSC Board Member 2022-

Laura Eiro is Director General of the Data Department at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Department is responsible for promoting the data economy and the availability of data, and for legislation and strategy work concerning information security in communications networks and services. It also has the task to promote the utilisation of automation and robotics in transport sector. Eiro serves as secretary general of the Ministerial Working Group on Developing the Digital Transformation, the Data Economy and Public Administration as well as one of the chairs of the interministerial Digital Office. She is a member of several other cooperation groups on digitalisation, the data economy and cyber security and is involved in a number of legislative and development projects in this field.

Previously Eiro has worked at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in expert and managerial positions. She has also worked at Finland’s Permanent Representation to the EU, at Intelligent Transportation Society of Finland and at the Ministry of Finance as secretary general of the Finnish Technology Advisory Board.