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High performance computing

Modern supercomputers are a necessary research instrument for computing and data-intensive research and companies’ RDI activities. The use of supercomputers, or high-performance computing, is becoming more widespread in all fields of science, and access to efficient computing resources gives a significant boost to research and innovations.

LUMI supercomputer

The European supercomputer LUMI, one of the fastest and greenest of its kind in the world, boosts research, employment, and competitiveness in Finland and across Europe. Throughout its life cycle, LUMI will be one of the most high-profile scientific instruments in the world. LUMI is located in the CSC’s data center in Kajaani.

Supercomputers Mahti and Puhti

A supercomputer is an important research tool in modern science. Supercomputer simulations enable quick and cost-effective research of phenomena that would otherwise be expensive or difficult, or even impossible, to study. CSC’s Mahti and Puhti are Finland’s national supercomputers.

High-performance computing for companies

Finnish companies can tap into the outstanding computing power of the LUMI supercomputer for their product development and innovation. In addition to computing resources, we provide companies with expert support for deployment, training, and assistance with submitting funding applications, free of charge.

Contact information


Pekka Lehtovuori


PhD Pekka Lehtovuori is responsible for scientific computing infrastructures and their development as well as higher education- and research institute cooperation related to their use.

+358 50 3819723

Pekka Manninen

Director, Science and Technology

PhD, Docent Pekka Manninen is responsible for the customer interface, user support and development of CSC’s scientific computing services.

+358 50 3812831

Pekka Uusitalo

Director, Industry Engagement

Pekka Uusitalo is leading CSC’s Industry Engagement unit promoting industrial HPC use.

+358 50 0427720


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