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What CSC?

Our task is to build environments and solutions to help learners, researchers and businesses be curious and understand. We create the backbone for whole society’s digitalization.

Our competence is the platform on which our society researches, learns and remembers

The tools CSC provides for scientific computing and data management create a stepping stone for breakthroughs. We support Finland’s unique educative system. We connect Finnish higher education institutions, researchers, and students to each other and to the whole world. In 1988 we connected Finland to the Internet.

With our special expertise, for instance education, and health care can be managed by knowledge. This promotes innovations and creates new competence. When data is sensitive, we keep it secure.

Impact is the most important factor for us

CSC is not a commercial actor so you will not find our solutions from the open market. We produce cost-effective services directly to our owners, as there are many questions to which open market cannot offer ready solutions. Our role is to ensure that our customers do not run out of means.

Within us, curiosity is everywhere: we are critical and open and we want to further improve Finland’s success in the future world.

A company entrusted with special state assignment

CSC is a company entrusted with special state assignment and owned by the state of Finland (70% of the shares) and Finnish higher education institutions (30% of the shares).

Companies entrusted with special state assignments are companies owned either partly or completely by the state. The company has an assignment defined, regulated and overseen by the state.

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