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Funet connects students and researchers to each other and the wider world

Funet (Finnish University and Research Network) is an information network for Finnish higher education institutions, research and education. Funet offers fast and reliable data connections and cost-effective Funet services to universities, universities of applied sciences, public research institutes and other organisations that meet the Funet membership criteria.

Optimised for the needs of science and research

The Funet network is designed, built and optimised for the needs of science. The shared information network makes it possible to provide well-functioning data connections for research and education cost-effectively. For example, the Funet network enables researchers to access supercomputer resources and transmit large volumes of data for processing in them.

The Funet network enables learners and scientists to connect to national and international research networks and internet via the Nordic NORDUnet and European GÉANT.

High performance through reliable technologies

Funet backbone utilizes proven technologies and solutions that represent the leading edge of development and have a long life cycle. Telecommunications capacity is always available as necessary, and Funet’s performance has also been found extremely good in international comparisons.

Our Funet experts have extensive expertise in network devices, connectivity and technology as well as information security. Funet has reached extremely high levels of accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Versatile service package

Funet includes a wide range of services for information security, backups, video communication and data transmission. It also covers basic services like IP addresses and DNS services, as well as various solutions for wireless connections and high-capacity connectivity.

Finnish eduroam users can connect securely to the eduroam Wi-Fi network, which is available extensively on the campuses of higher education institutions in Finland and abroad.

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Funet’s benefits for users and organizations:

  • Uncongested and cost-effective connections for education and research
  • training, user support, expert assistance, information security solutions
  • support of the Funet community
  • connection to eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Contact information

Juha Oinonen

Director, Funet

Juha Oinonen is responsible for Funet services.


Harri Kuusisto

Development Manager, Funet

Harri Kuusisto is responsible for developing ja managing Funet service portfolio and service lifecycle management.

+358 9 4572054

Janne Oksanen

Customer Solutions Manager, Funet

Janne Oksanen is a Customer Solution Manager for Funet services.

+358 9 4572967


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