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Higher education institutions develop future learning in Digivisio 2030

Digivisio 2030 is a project in which the Finnish higher education institutions are joining their forces to build the future of learning. A total of 37 Finnish higher education institutions are involved in the project, working together to build national solutions.

CSC as the service operator

Digivisio 2030 aims to respond to many issues of the future: the need to improve competence and enable continuous learning as well as the challenges posed by Finland’s competitiveness and skills shortage.

The goal of the Digivisio project is that, by 2030, continuous learning and development of competence will have a natural role in society. CSC has been selected as the service operator of Digivisio, and the company also hosts Digivisio’s project office.

CSC’s goal is to be an active partner and to provide high-quality support for achieving the goals the higher education institutions have defined for Digivisio 2030.

Digivisio’s goals

Digivisio promotes more flexible learning, enabling learners to accumulate the expertise needed in a constantly changing world. ​

Digivisio strengthens the teacher’s role as a producer of high-quality content and a facilitator of internationally recognized study experiences. ​

The project aims for better quality in higher education and for improving Finns’ access to employment – both in Finland and in the international labor market.

Progress of the project

Digivisio relies on work carried out through an extensive network. The Finnish higher education institutions, all of which are members of this network, define its goals. Agile methods are used in software development for new digital services.

The aim is to launch a service that will make the higher education institutions’ offer of continuous learning available to everyone in 2025. This will enable all learners to find meaningful learning modules for themselves. The project plan (in Finnish) and roadmap (in Finnish) approved by the higher education institutions shed more light on the goals set for the next few years.

The project organizes a wide range of participatory workshops and events. The project also communicates actively about the Digivisio work on the project website and in social media channels.

Contact information


Hanna Norlund

Programme Director

Hanna Nordlund is responsible for leading Digivisio 2030 -programme.

Rauha Kiljunen-Ruotsalainen

Head of Communications and Engagement, Digivisio 2030

Rauha Kiljunen-Ruotsalainen is responsible for the communications, marketing, brand, and engagement of the Digivision 2030 project.